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Improve your breathing technique

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

“How to make proper breathing a health habit?”

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Breathing Pattern Disorder

   Breathing Pattern Disorder is a combination of individual symptoms which, on their own, may all be attributed to other causes, but collectively, may make up a breathing pattern disorder. These symptoms are all actually due to low levels of CO2, as opposed to the common misconception that the cause is insufficient intake of oxygen.

Breathm is a portable device that fixes our breathing patterns, and through the use of teaching repetition, it can look after our health. It is to give you the correct amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide you need to live and feel well. Breath sensor which is integrated with this product contributes to early diagnoses of diseases while breathing out.

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Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Concept Demonstration

LED interacts with the air quality of its surroundings, and also can follow the recommended breathing patterns from the LED blinkers/vibrators.

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Design Language

Patterned surface helps better tactile feel, backside form is seamlessly connected with the rest of the visual language and is fitted to your thumb when in the hold position.

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Gasses related to diseases

In human breath, components such as water vapor, hydrogen, acetone, toluene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide, are more excessively exhaled from patients. Some of these components are closely related to diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, type 1 diabetes mellitus, and halitosis.

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Breathing Exercise

   Follow the breathing practices through the vibration pattern, which notify how long you breath in, hold and out. The system interacts with the pinwheel part and breath sensor, it helps to understand breathing patterns also diagnose breathing diseases. LED has three different colour variations(White/Yellow/Red) and is connected via Application. The APP gathers air quality data and indicates with different colours, which tell when is the best time for breathing exercise.

Breath sensor

   Breath sensor enables early monitoring of various diseases through pattern recognition of biomarker gases related to diseases in human exhalation. Breath analysis for disease diagnosis started from capturing exhaled breaths in a Tedlar bag and inhecting captured breath gases into a miniaturized sensor system, similar to an alcohol detector. It is possible to analyze exhaled breath very rapidly with a simple analyzing process. The breath analysis can detect trace changes in exhaled breath components, which contribute to early diagnosis of diseases. (KAIST)

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