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 Avocadot is a system for people who pay real attention to mindful cooking, vegetarian, food allergies and so on, efficiently alerting and guiding its users to the consumption of the specific nutrients they require. Avocadot seamlessly fits within your kitchen environment causing no disruption to it’s existing structure. With Avocadot’s simple technology we’re able to better understand both the food products we already have within our kitchens and when we are in the process of purchasing new foods.

Avocadot operates utilising Beacon Bluetooth technology. These modularised Beacon chips are attached to your food containers where they gather tailored information. Connected via a smartphone and the Avocadot kitchen scale, nutritional values of the food containers will be displayed on your smartphone.

By advancing our understanding and knowledge of the foods we eat, we are enabling ourselves to achieve our desired health, physical and fitness goals.