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Only for 106 McLaren Speedtail owners

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

  The Speedtail is McLaren's first-ever Hyper-GT and announced in 2018. The first car is delivered from 2020 and this Key fob concept is designed only for 106 McLaren Speedtail owners. The key fob is not a considerable option when a customer buys a new car. However, it is a part of the service the car company has to provide a marvellous experience to a potential customer.

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Everything for a reason

  This key fob over the style of the Speedtail, and it is not only seamlessly stylish but easy to identify against other car keys on the market. The main form is inspired by Speedtail form factor and is simplified into the product. The tail shape is continuously connected between the top and bottom surface. It is allowed to attach the McLaren key chain and visually clean without making any key chain hole.

There are three buttons on its face: Start button details are reflected from the interior of the vehicle and more recognisable than the other two buttons in your pocket. Luggage release button icon is captured by front view of the Speedtail, the icon is totally harmonised with the rest of the design.

It does offer owners an opportunity for bespoke personalisation to have the key fob finished in carbon fibre cover as the main product while adding bespoke CMF is also available for a spare item.

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너 Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
  McLaren Special Operations (MSO)
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

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Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
  Avocadot is a system for people who pay real attention to mindful cooking, efficiently alerting and guiding its users to the consumption of the specific nutrients they require. It seamlessly fits within your kitchen environment causing no disruption to its existing structure. With Avocadot’s simple technology we’re able to better understand both the food products we already have within our kitchens and when we are in the process of purchasing new foods.
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

  The cake is often shared with someone rather than eating alone. What would be the effective and interesting way to share a cake with more people? This product is an exclusive knife for cake, which provides various ranges of cutting angle to serve a certain number of people. With simple mathematical principle, it brings a pleasure to the moment of cutting a cake, also it is possible to carry a piece of cake at the same time.
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

A delight to use

  Mole Vase is an all-purpose vase for a range of needs and preferences. Magnetic force makes this concept special, it helps to determine the water level in an amusing way. The contrasted colour band is easy to notice when flowers and plants need watering.
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

  How can we put natural permanent into design? In the world that we live in, natural phenomenon is just miraculous with its beauty. A lot of things in our lives comes from knowledge and inspiration from pure nature. Within the man-made products, would it be possible to make an object from nature that creates exclusive things.
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너

Oakley eyewear for road cycling athletes

  The sweat from cyclists forehead and head rolls down into their eyes or smears onto their glasses and it impairs cyclist’s vision. This product shows a different viewpoint from other antiperspirant products. This is a new type of a sports eyewear design that re-directs flow of sweat instead of absorbing the sweat.