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Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
Ryan Jongwoo Choi
  Ryan is a London based Industrial / Transportation Designer with the ability to communicate and collaborate across various fields involved in design and engineering innovation. He graduated BA Product Design at University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins and MSc/MA Innovation Design Engineering which is managed jointly by the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the School of Design at the Royal College of Art. He has built strong communication skills; in verbal collaborative work, though sketching, 3D prototyping as well as software and hardware engineering capabilities. He respects and values diverse opinions and expertise from his collaborators, seeing this as the strongest way to design products which will be truly useful and valuable to people. He has extensive experience working in design consultancies as well as for in-house design teams in consumer electronics, furniture and automotive industry, this has exposed him to a variety of different cultures and systems. Currently he is working as a senior designer at McLaren and is mainly focused on driving innovation across Public Transport, Automotive, Motorsport, and Health industries. Ryan is also acting as an International design award jury panel and visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art.     ━━━Full CV available upon request

영국에서 활동중인 디자이너 최종우 입니다. 영국 왕립 예술대학, 임페리얼 칼리지 런던에서 혁신 디자인공학을 전공했으며 맥라렌에서 제품 운송 디자이너로 재직중입니다. 디자인의 가치를 세상에 알리는데 기여하고자 본업 외 현재 조관희 대표와 공동 설립한 apoIDEA 브랜드 컨텐츠 에이전시에서 자문위원, 국제 디자인 공모전 심사위원, 영국 왕립 예술대학(RCA)에서 객원교수로 활동하고 있습니다.

Design Award
" He won the world's most renowned design awards and recently is acting as a design award jury panel "

36 Awards

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
  2019 McLaren MCLE 2050 F1 Vision

" He has capability to work in both the consumer electronics and the automotive industry "

8 Years

Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
  6 Patents : Ford Motor EV battery system(5) / Medical device(1)
Ryan Jongwoo Choi 최종우 디자이너
  2018 McLaren Vehicle electrification components

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